Fury as Nigel Farage rules out minimum wage rise as it will see ‘surge’ in Romanian immigrants

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Nigel Farage has sparked outrage for attacking plans to raise the minimum wage – and for saying it would only fuel a surge in Romanian immigrants.

The UKIP chief ruled out improving the lives of millions of Britons by boosting the £6.50 hourly rate.


TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady accused Mr Farage of being “economically illiterate”.

She fumed: “Does he really want to be known as the champion of poverty pay? Our economy needs strong wage growth to flourish, not a race to the bottom.”

She added: “Capping the minimum wage would drive down earnings for low-paid workers across the economy.

“Giving bad bosses an excuse to skimp on wages and exploit staff is the last thing we need.”

Her blast came after Mr Farage said a pay hike, which would be a big help to workers such as carers, would only encourage Eastern Europeans to come here for jobs.

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