Huffington Post: Immigration Row: ‘Romanians Are Not Coming To The UK To Claim Benefits’ Expats Say


Romanians coming to live in the UK are not migrating to claim benefits, but to work, one of Romania’s leading recruiters for Britain has said.

David Cameron has warned those coming to Britain they can no longer expect "something for nothing," and is to reveal tougher curbs on benefits for immigrants.

But Brindusa Deac, who works for Romanian recruitment website, told the Huffington Post UK the number of job openings available shows Romanians do not need to claim benefits.

More than 47,000 job openings were advertised on their job site offering Romanians positions in England last year, many for doctors and nurses.

Cameron is due to say in a speech on Monday: "We should be clear that what we have is a free National Health Service, not a free International Health Service."

But Miss Deac said she had no idea why the prime minister would suggest Romanians are emigrating to be treated on the NHS as their own health service currently offers free treatment.

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