Romanian Press Review / Romanian Health Minister Launches Campaign Against Cancer

20:16, 18.11.2007 Hydrologists Send Out Orange Code Warning For Floods In SW Romania

Romania’s National Institute of Hydrology and Water Administration sent out an orange code warning on Sunday for increased flows on rivers Jiu, Motru and Cosustea, southwestern Romania, until Tuesday, November 20, 12:00 (local time).

20:14, 18.11.2007 High House Prices In Romania Limit Access To Mortgage Loans

A family in Romania must earn EUR1,300 (RON4,550) per month to be able to afford a two-room apartment in Bucharest by getting a mortgage loan with zero downpayment, namely, fourfold the 2008 average salary per economy.

19:35, 18.11.2007 EPP Official: “Romania’s Govt Incapable Of Fulfilling Its Commitments”

Antonio Lopez, secretary general of the European People’s Party, or EPP, said Sunday, during the electoral rally organized by Romania’s Democratic Party, that the Romanian government is incapable of fulfilling its commitments and that Romania cannot profit from its EU membership unless it tackles the issue of corruption.

18:19, 18.11.2007 Romania’s Econ Fin Min Says Budget Def Cut From 2.7$ To 2.4%

Romania’s economy and finance minister Varujan Vosganian said Saturday evening in Romania’s northern city of Suceava, that the budget rectification on Monday aims to adjust the budget to the other macroeconomic targets, thus, the budget deficit will be cut down from 2.7% to 2.4%.

15:28, 18.11.2007 More Counties In Romania Faced With Power Outages Over Strong Wind

Romania’s Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform said that the electric networks in 45 locations from five Romanian counties were seriously damaged Sunday morning by powerful windstorms.

14:10, 18.11.2007 Romanian Health Minister Launches Campaign Against Cancer

Romania’s liberal health minister Eugen Nicolaescu launched the national campaign “United Against Cancer!,” aimed at providing equal sums of money for all people suffering from cancer, no matter the EU state they come from.


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