Row escalates over Cumbrian Ukip councillor’s Romanians and crime claim

A councillor who suggested a link between Romanians and thefts is to leave Cumbria’s crime panel after he joined Ukip.

In an interview with the News & Star, Mr Wilson, a former police officer said Mr Farage was dealing with facts when he said he would be concerned if Romanians moved next door to him – a comment branded by critics as racist.

Mr Wilson said: “We know that we have a problem with Romanians in this country. We had them here in Aspatria, knocking on doors and stealing things.

“That’s fact. They were definitely Romanians.”

Allerdale’s David Wilson waded into the race row as he defended Ukip leader Nigel Farage, whose party the former independent councillor has just joined.

He has been criticised for his comments by fellow politicians and independent party leader Bill Finlay today confirmed he was waiting to find out if Mr Wilson would be deselected from the panel because he was no longer an Independent councillor.

He said: “People voted for him as an Independent but he’s not that at the moment.

“He can’t represent Independent councillors any longer. Whether we can get rid of him is down to legislation and that’s what I’m looking at today”.

Row escalates over Cumbrian Ukip councillor’s Romanians and ..


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