The Sun : O armata de somerui romani si bulgari se indreapta spre Marea Britanie

Romanians & Bulgarians are queueing up for handout BritainYanita and Julia

AN army of jobless Bulgarians and out-of-work Romanians are preparing to invade Britain, The Sun can reveal today.

From next year people from the two countries gain the right to live and work in the UK unrestricted.

But it’s not just the work that is attracting them — it’s the generous benefits system too.

In Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, Julia Atanasova and pal Yanita Minkova, both 24, told us they are eager to come here.

When we showed them our story from last week on the couple who spent their benefits on cigs, a luxury TV and a laptop computer, they confirmed their admiration for the UK’s system.


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