Will the access of Romanians to the UK be restricted after the general election?

he UK general election results will be crucial for Romanians who want to work and live in Great Britain

The UK parliamentary election is important for British citizens, of course, but also for immigrants who are planning on living in the UK. Controversial discussions have been going on about how the UK is currently taking care of its immigrants, what are the main advantages Romanians can enjoy when living in the UK, but But also about how those advantages could be restricted, which worries both Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants.


According to Nigel Farage and his party (UKIP), Romanians and Bulgarians are a source of depletion for Great Britain. For example, he pledges for a restricted access for Romanians and Bulgarians to the labour market and to placing their children in British schools.

Farage’s populist rhetoric being quite popular, David Cameron was tempted, to some extent, to join his anti-immigrants discourse about restraining their access in the UK. Unfortunately, this is the approach that ends the furious campaign that has been running in the British media, which was mainly focusing on the negative aspects of Romanians’ presence in the country. Many stereotypes are held about them and there is an increasing confusion between Romanians and gypsies, leading to wrong impressions bout Romanian immigrants. Some of them were discussed in the previous article.


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