An open invitation to all Romanians and Bulgarians: Please come to the UK

Michael Bird

As a British citizen, I would like to launch an open invitation to all Romanians and Bulgarians to come to Britain.
Don’t wait until next year when you will be free to work in any job you want.
Book your ticket now.
Why? Because I would like to thank our east European friends for all the great things they have done for Britain.
Us Brits have it bad. We are in a triple-dip recession. Unemployment is high. Our Government is torn apart over Europe. Our economy is dependent on two sources of job creation – the Olympics and Game of Thrones. And the Olympics are over!
But at least we can be thankful for Romanians and Bulgarians.
We need you to work in our factories, schools, hospitals and ports. How do I know this? Because nearly everyone employing Romanians and Bulgarians in Britain are British companies, British citizens and the British state. If they didn’t want Romanians and Bulgarians as their employees, they could stop hiring them. No one is forcing you to steal our jobs. We want our own jobs to be stolen.

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  1. Mi frend….u try to be ironic but u end up as an idiot.
    They employ us because people like u are useless.
    You should thank us cuz we come and fcuk yr women and still keep the colour of them kids white, otherwise yr wife will get a black kid that will call you dad. Fcuk off. We come and go anytime we want.

  2. As a est European wich I come here in 2001 and I pay the tax from that time I have the right to bring all mi family to recover the tax I have payd. You are scared of Romanian and Bulgarians because they are coming to work but you not scared of Somalian wich are coming to not work and to suck your country.

  3. So you say you need Romanians and Bulgarians to,let’s say it „help” your country get out of the recession.The funny part in this whole thing is that those poor people can’t work in your factorys,schools etc. because of all those restrictions you’ve put against them.They leave their families and friends behaind to come here for work so they can send some money home for a better life for the loved ones and yet you still discriminate all of them.You know why your unemployment is so high?!? because you are unable to the jobs East Europeans do.So if you really need their help,start doing something about the restrictions against them,and fast,and if that won’t happen,start working and accept the jobs that’s being givin’ to you!!!


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