Dr Ion Jinga, Ambassador of Romania to the UK: Romanians’ Migration to the UK: Predictions Versus Reality

The question of how many Romanians will come to the UK in 2014 was a misguided and misleading topic in 2013. It continues to make headlines, I hope not for a long time. The answer depends on who you ask this question.

UKIP politicians suggested 29million Romanians (and Bulgarians) will invade the British shores. An American think tank predicted 385,000 people will migrate from Romania and Bulgaria to the UK over the next five years. Migration Watch advanced 50,000 persons a year (previously, they have said up to 70,000 a year).

A survey commissioned by the BBC suggested that less than 1% of adult Romanians could look for work in the UK, which in concrete figures gives 15-20,000 people. A report commissioned by the UK government in 2010 estimates 8,000 Romanians will come to Britain in 2014. From 8,000 to 385,000 (not to speak about 29million) it is a huge field open to speculations exploited by tabloid media and xenophobic politicians.

Romanians‘ Migration to the UK: Predictions Versus Reality | Dr Ion


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