Express UK : Outrage as Romanian lorry driver who hit pensioner gets just £73 fine

Marcel Georgescu, 43, knocked down and ran over frail Rose Lethbridge, 77, as she crossed a road on her way to lay flowers on her dead husband’s grave.

Mrs Lethbridge, who can only get about with the aid of a walking frame, suffered such serious injuries surgeons had no option but to amputate her arm.

Nearly a fortnight after the accident, the pensioner is still in hospital coming to terms with the loss of her limb and being treated for a fractured collarbone and ribs, and a collapsed lung.

Yesterday, campaigners reacted with anger after Georgescu was handed the trifling fine and had six points put on his driving licence.

Ed Morrow of road safety charity Brake said: „This case illustrates a major flaw in how the legal system deals with drivers who kill or injure. Causing such serious injuries is more than just ‘careless’, and to call it such is an insult to victims and families.

„We need to do away with the split between ‘careless’ and ‘dangerous’ driving, and have all drivers who kill or injure prosecuted under the same offence. That way, judges will have discretion to hand out substantial jail sentences in serious cases, and drivers who ruin lives will not be let off with a paltry fine.”

Rachel Weller, a courier driver who witnessed the crash in Southend, Essex, and comforted Mrs Lethbridge while she was being treated agreed saying the punishment did not match the crime.

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