Gunoaie, resturi si murdarie, romanii transforma parcul Bryanston Square intr-o mizerie

Litter, old bedding and human waste: bin bag Romanians turn exclusive garden square into squalid mess. Outrage of residents in multi-million-pound houses around Bryanston Square. Romanians jumped over railings into locked gardens

Litter: Romanians carry litter on Park Lane. Behind them, a view of the private garden on Bryanston Square Picture: Jeremy Selwyn

Romanian travellers have been sleeping rough in a private garden at an exclusive London address — prompting outrage among residents.

The group is thought to have arrived in Bryanston Square, Marylebone, at the weekend when they were seen jumping over the railings into the locked park, which is managed by a trust made up of people living in the surrounding multi-million-pound terraced houses.

Residents said they then watched the trespassers bed down for the night in the 19th-century square. Others were discovered sleeping near the bins on Monday morning and had reportedly left litter and human waste.

Retired solicitor Peter Rosenthal, 75, said: “I was coming home at around 8pm on Saturday when I saw a young man climbing over the railings. I shouted at him to get down and to come out of the gardens. I went inside and immediately called the police.”

Tom Flynn, 57, the caretaker at Wyndham House, Bryanston Square, added: “I went out to the bins early Monday morning and saw several sleeping bodies there. There was a lot of rubbish and it smelt of excrement. Myself and the other residents in the building are worried about them being here as it is a security risk

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Bin bag Romanians turn private Marylebone garden to


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