Îngrozitor ! Romanians Living Rough At Marble Arch Rising

The area on Park Lane is strewn with rubbish and cardboard boxes as the community have moved back in, after being removed in the run-up to the Olympics.

Local people have told us that the number sleeping rough in the area has doubled in the past four weeks and it has led to problems with crime and hygiene in the area.

LBC 97.3’s Tom Swarbrick reports: "There are about 50 men and women who call the central reservation on Park Lane ‘home’. They are currently packing up their duvets, putting them in cardboard boxes.

"It’s a complete mess. There’s rubbish tied to the railings. There’s plastic bags filled with lord only knows what. The smell of the area is terrible.

"They’ve been sleeping here for some time, according to the ones I’ve been able to speak to. We had to chat in incredibly broken German, as no one here seems to speak English.

"The lady I spoke to was called Maria, she’s 55 and has been sleeping here for a month. She says she’s here to find work in the UK because the UK has a lot of money. She says she wants to be a cleaner, but she can’t get a job because she doesn’t speak any English and she left Romania because Romania is ‘kaput’."

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Romanians Living Rough At Marble Arch Rising


  1. Acestia nu sunt romani. Ei sunt TIGANI DE CETATENIE ROMANA. Se face aceasta confuzie tot timpul. Si aici se vorbeste despre scotieni, englezi, irlandezi. Chiar daca ei sunt toti cetateni britanici, totusi sunt numiti dupa etnie.
    Cat despre conditiile in care traiesc, nu ar trebui sa ne mire. Asa cum traiesc in Romania asa vor trai si in UK. Face parte din cultura tiganeasca. Britanicii nu sunt insa pregatiti pentru asta. Tiganii nu au nici o vina, cum nici britanicii si nici romanii nu au. Poate generatiile viitoare, dupa ce se scolesc prin UK, vor fi chiar un exemplu pentru cei de acasa. Pana atunci insa, britanicii ar trebui sa faca ce stiu ei mai bine: sa initieze niste proiecte de voluntariat prin care sa-i initieze pe tigani in tainele civilizatiei. Si bineinteles, sa nu mai incerce prin orice mijloace sa-i discrediteze pe romani.

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