Ponta iesi afara | Ponta get out ! Toata presa britanica si BBC publica astazi : Romanian prime minister faces criminal investigation | Romania PM Victor Ponta quizzed over alleged corruption

Victor Ponta named as suspect in crimes including forgery, money-laundering, conflict of interest and tax evasion

Romania’s president has urged the prime minister, Victor Ponta, to resign over corruption allegations including tax evasion and money-laundering.


Ponta, who was named as a suspect by prosecutors on Friday in crimes including forgery, money-laundering, conflict of interest and tax evasion, said he would not resign, and that only parliament could dismiss him.

But, after meeting Ponta on Friday, President Klaus Iohannis said it was “an impossible situation for Romania”. The prime minister had met earlier with the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office, which has launched a criminal investigation against him.

Prosecutors have made a series of high-profile arrests in recent months in what remains one of the poorest and most graft-addled countries in the European Union.

“I came to the [anti-corruption agency] DNA like a normal person,” Ponta told reporters. “I didn’t give them any statement.” Asked whether he would resign, he said: “At the DNA, we don’t do politics.”

The allegations relate to Ponta’s work as a lawyer from 2007 to 2008 when he was also a lawmaker for the Social Democratic party. The prime minister is the most prominent suspect to be identified as Romania’s anti-corruption drive has intensified in recent months.





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