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Well let me tell you that’s a very small percentage of Romanian citizens. When I talk to them, the girls tell me they recognise Gypsies immediately because they’re of Indian heritage – they call them Roms, and the Romanian government calls them Roma Gypsies, as well as beggars and thieves.

Beggars and thieves? Okay, let’s look at a few statistics shall we? Over 9% of the countries 22 million population are Roma Gypsies. 70% of them live on less than £3 per day, a huge proportion of these living on sprawling landfill sites where packs of wild dogs roam because they’ve been ordered to leave their homes by the government. Food is scavenged amongst the rubbish, as are materials to build ‘shacks’ to live in. They build these shacks on top of the rubbish, which is the children’s playground. There is no electricity and no sewage….

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The Romanians


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