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Romanian-Russian Religious War

“We are very concerned and, of course, the actions of the Romanian Patriarchy will have consequences”, Metropolitan Kiril of Smolensk and Kalingrad said

UE Might Approve Russian-Made Nuclear Power Plants in Europe

Bulgarian media says the European Union in a few days is about to give its approval for building the nuclear power plant at Belene.

The Procurement Of Transport Planes For The Military Still Under Scrutiny

The race for modernizing the Romanian military is on, with the contract won by Italy’s Alenia for transport military planes still under scrutiny.

Uninominal vote hysteria

On Sunday afternoon, during my show on Antena 3, Ion Iliescu and I agreed upon the advantages and disadvantages of the uninominal vote. The advantage given by the fact that the parties will be more responsible when naming their representatives and by the fact that the political environment will probably be more stable.

Parliament Looses Face In Battle Opposing Executive Offices

The Senate Speaker Nicolae Vacaroiu said both President Traian Basescu and PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu were making a mockery of the Parliament. Vacaroiu’s exact words were that the parliament was now “like a chicken house in the courtyard of both the presidency and the government,” while at stake was the “personal warfare between the president and the PM.”

Russia’s future and the west

Russia is again seeking a role as a global power and is therefore flexing its muscles. Signs of change in Russian foreign policy have been mounting ever since President Vladimir Putin delivered a confrontational speech in Munich last February.

What is the cost of the President’s crotchet

Even though it was clear that the responsibility for the uninominal vote will be of the Government, the Romanians will have a crucial change in the electoral system due to a signature of Traian Basescu on the Decree for the Organization of the Referendum. As expected, the costs of this decision are huge. Political and especially financial costs.

The Mayors want windmills in the Danube Delta

The mayors of the localities in the Danube Delta want windmills. Even though they are extremely dangerous for the biodiversity, they say this will help the economical development of the region.

Forced to stay in Italy

A Romanian 2-year old boy has been in a care center in Italy for four months. The parents don’t know anything about their child. The Romanian authorities sent all the papers to prove that the family can take care of the baby, but Gratian is yet to come back home.

The Hungarian Minority Presses For A Region Of Its Own

The Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania, or UDMR, drafted a proposal for re-designing the make of the current eight euro-regions in Romania and turn them into 15, of which one is the former Hungarian Region set up during the Stalinist state

Romanians Protested In Rome Against Crime Committed By Fellow Immigrants

Tens of Romanians took part Saturday in a meeting in Rome, along Italians protesting the high level of crime perpetrated by immigrants in Italy.

NAD moles in the light!

The NAD says there were certain clues that led to the conclusion that the Minister of Agriculture, Decebal Traian Remes, has been bribed by businessman Ciorba to intervene in his favor for several auctions. The whole deal seems to have taken place with the help of Ioan Avram Muresan, former Minister of Agriculture.

SDP, the party with no teeth

Recently, Mircea Geoana showed the results of a survey requested by the International Republican Institute between the 28th of August and the 6th of September 2007

Romanian installation for Bistroe

The old Installations that were once used for building the Olt channel are dismantled by the Ukrainians to be used for the finishing the Bistroe Channel.


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