The Guardian: Dorotcaia: the Moldova village caught between Russia and Europe

On the eve of a historic deal with the EU, residents of Dorotcaia are lobbying to join their neighbour – the breakaway Russian enclave of Transnistria. Transitions Online reports

On an early spring day in Dorotcaia in eastern Moldova, about 100 people gather in the central square, in front of the renovated House of Culture. Behind them, a monument dedicated to the Red Army soldiers who liberated the village in 1944 shines in the sun. Mostly, the crowd is made up of elderly men and women. The worried faces of the women are framed by the headscarves so ubiquitous in this part of the world.

The group listens intently.

“They don’t invite you into Europe. They invite you into Europe’s ass,” a man on stage shouts into a microphone. Piotr Dobrinski is the leader of the so-called local soviet, a ghost institution left over from communist times and recognised only by the authorities in Transnistria, the breakaway region of Moldova that sits across the road from Dorotcaia

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Dorotcaia: the Moldova village caught between Russia and Euro


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