The Sun : BeneFIX: Romanian migrants lured to Britain by welfare racket

BRITAIN’S benefits system is being ransacked on an industrial scale by Romanians paying middlemen to squeeze money from UK taxpayers, The Sun can reveal.

Economic migrants have flooded in from the impoverished former Communist state since it joined the EU in 2007.

But the flood has become a tidal wave after dozens of companies sprang up encouraging new arrivals to grab every handout going.

 Sun investigators spoke to a string of UK-based firms staffed by Romanians that charge customers fees to maximise their benefit money.

One “accountant” offered to create a false employment history for our bogus Romanian migrant’s wife to enable her to grab more than £500 a month in maternity allowance.


They also offered to apply for state handouts to slash our man’s rent bill by 60 per cent — for a £400 fee.

Another offered to provide a false address when our investigator said he was an unregistered migrant working in the black economy to let him siphon money into a UK bank.


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