Aoleo ! Britanicii vor plati mai mult pe mîncare daca nu-i lasa pe romani sa vina sa le culeaga fructele si legumele

Food prices are likely to rocket unless ministers allow migrants from outside the European Union to work on British farms, the government’s official immigration adviser has warned.

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) said it may be necessary to admit agricultural workers from countries such as Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, or face rises of up to 15 per cent on British-grown fruit and veg.

About a third of the country’s 67,000 seasonal farm jobs are currently filled by Romanians and Bulgarians who are expected to move to less back-breaking roles when they win full EU employment rights at the start of next year.

The farming industry fears there could be a severe labour shortage from as early as next year or 2015, which will push up wages and food prices at the greengrocer’s.

mai mult la :  Food prices ‘will rise unless ministers allow non-EU migrants to work


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