Atat de multi romani au intrat in UK din 2004 incoace, ca autoritatile britanice le-au pierdut urma

Numărul imigranţilor est-europeni care au pătruns pe teritoriul Marii Britanii după 2004 a fost atât de mare, încât administraţia britanică nu a reuşit să mai ţină o socoteală exactă, a scris Daily Mail, spune Agerpres.

The 500,000 Eastern European migrants that officials didn’t know were here: So many entered UK that authorities lost track

So many migrants flooded into Britain from Eastern Europe that authorities were unable to count them, Whitehall admitted yesterday.


Official migration figures missed out nearly half a million people who came to the UK after their countries joined the EU in 2004, according to a newly-published document.

The scale of the problem was only revealed in the 2011 census, which showed the population was even bigger than estimated.



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