BBC: Nu exista indicii pentru o emigrare in masa a romanilor in Marea Britanie

Work restrictions expiring later this year for migrants from Romania and Bulgaria has had little impact on the numbers planning to move to the UK or wider EU, BBC Newsnight polls suggest.
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That was still the case among the 197 Romanians who said they were intending to work in another EU country in 2013 – 30% of them said they wanted to go to Italy, 24% to Germany, and 16% to the UK.

However, the Newsnight survey suggested that the UK is becoming a more attractive destination.

Concrete plans

When it came to Romanians intending to work in another EU country in 2014, a much smaller group of 73 people, the percentages changed – 25% wanted to go to Italy, 18% to Germany, and 26% to the UK.

Polls: No indication of huge Romanian-Bulgarian influx


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