BBC : Romania protests: ‘Race against time’ for corruption fighters „At night, like thieves !!!”

Ce stiu britanicii despre guvernul Grindeanu & Dragnea : „? Corrupt Government !!!” „?Crooks!!!” „?Liars and Cheaters !!!” si bineînteles „✊ At night, like thieves!!!”

Hundreds of thousands of Romanians are staging daily protests against a controversial government decree. The emergency ordinance, rushed through by Minister of Justice Florin Iordache on 31 January, would allow the release of dozens of convicted public officials from prison, and stymie current and future prosecutions.

„The government is lying and cheating and it’s our right to try to change that,” said Tania, an 18-year-old student taking part in the protests.

„If we don’t succeed, I will be forced to go abroad. I will not be able to stay here, and study, and raise a family.”

„I strongly believe that this is a unique moment in my country,’ said Sorin, 38, a banker and former student leader. „A new generation, motivated by national feelings, is standing up for our rights.”

Three separate legal challenges have been filed against it to the Constitutional Court.

The government, led by the left-wing Social Democrats (PSD), says the people on the streets have been „misled and misinformed” and the decree will stay in place.

It’s a race against time. The decree is due to come into force at midnight on 10 February.

‘Patriotic protest’

This is a country where street protests have toppled governments before, and the protesters know it.

Each day the crowds begin to gather in Victoria Square in Bucharest before sunset. Many carry or are draped in the Romanian tricolour.


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