Cersetorii români dorm in toalete publice din Londra

Photo-gallery: Bed found in urinal as squatters move into public loo

A group of people converted the boarded up building in Whitchurch Lane, Harrow, to become their home

The bed which had been set up in the urinal by Romanians in Whitchurch Lane.

Squatter converted a boarded up public toilet into a cosy home with all the fittings.

A urinal had been given an upgrade and was being used as a bed and electricity had been illegally diverted from the mains supply to power a cooker, fridge and microwave.

The occupants are believed by Harrow Council to be Romanian, though no one was at the property when council and police officers used bolt cutters to enter the building.

The disused public toilet in a single storey 1960s block in Whitchurch Lane had been boarded up and is due to be auctioned on Wednesday February 13.

Bed found in urinal as Romanians move in to public loo


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