Daily Mail : Class 3C here are my bones! Romanian headteacher donates his own SKELETON for students to learn about anatomy

A Romanian school has been told they can keep their skeleton staff after education officials discovered they were using the bones of a former headmaster to teach anatomy.

Alexandru Grigore Popescu had been working at the rural Puchenii Mosneni elementary school in south-eastern Romania’s Prahova county for 50 years until his death.

He said in his will that he had always wanted to have a skeleton in the class for biology lessons.

It had never been possible, but in his will he had arranged for his skeleton to be cleaned and professionally put back together so it could be hung in the classroom where he had taught kids for 50 years.

But the skeleton had been confiscated when health and safety officials discovered it was the real thing on a visit to the school and insisted on having it checked to see if it was hygienic.

But now after being professionally checked and specially treated to make sure it was safe, and put in a glass case, the skeleton has now been returned to the school.

Although it may seem grisly kids at the school said they found it really helpful during classes to have the skeleton, and were pleased to see a return.

The former headteacher Popescu had started work as a teacher at the school in the Puchenii Mosneni commune in 1908.

History teacher Sorin Stanciu said: ‘He was made head teacher 10 years after starting working there and was famous for the fact that he never missed a class. His skeleton was made into a display in the 1960s after his death and he hasn’t missed a class since then either.’


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