Dr Ion Jinga , Ambassador of Romania to the UK: December as a Special Time for Romanians

In each nation’s history there are moments of change, turning points, celebration, despair or triumph. History never steps back but it can be inspirational for the future. Romanians’ history begins 1900 years ago and is carved in the stone of Trajan’s Column in Rome, commemorating the Dacian Wars. A marvel of its time, the Column has survived almost intact and an impressive real life replica is hosted by Victoria & Albert Museum in London. It is a symbol that lies at the centre of our identity as a Latin people.


For Romanians, December has a special significance. It is a time of triumph because on 1st December 1918 the modern Romanian State – at that time the Kingdom of Romania – has reached its natural borders, fulfilling the multi-secular dream of bringing together all historical provinces inhabited by Romanians. Therefore, every year on 1st December we proudly celebrate our National Day. It is also the time of celebrating Christmas, and few other nations preserve unaltered fascinating ancient traditions from the beginnings of their Christianity as Romanians do.

December was a time of despair in 1947, when King Michael was forced to abdicate and for the next 42 years the country remained part of the Communist block controlled by the Soviet Union. December was a turning point in our history in 1989, when a general uprising broke down Ceausescu’s regime and Romania returned to democracy.

Since 1992, every four or five years December is also a time of politics because of the parliamentary and presidential elections. The installment of the newly elected President will take place on 22nd December, the same day when the revolution triggered in Bucharest 25 years ago. History enjoys sometimes playing game with figures.

more :  http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/dr-ion-jinga/romania-december_b_6244322.html?utm_hp_ref=uk


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