Imigratia româaneasca in masa, un pericol pentru societatea britanica. Romanian mass immigration is destroying the fabric of society

In Hyde Park, one of the capital’s renowned landmarks, a large group of Romanian beggars recently set up a makeshift camp, bringing a mix of intimidation and foulness to the area. Though many of them were moved on last week by the authorities, with some even given free flights home at the expense of the taxpayer, a significant number of Romanians are now back at the site.

What is so disturbing is the fact that these beggars are just the advance guard of a huge army of parasites that will come to Britain from 2014, once 29 million Romanians and Bulgarians are given full rights by the European Union to settle here. The shanty town phenomenon can be seen just as graphically in the alarming incidence of migrants living in sheds, huts and outbuildings across once well-ordered suburbs.

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Mass immigration is destroying the fabric of society


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