New romanian immigrants told: You must pay to see a GP – and will move to the back of the queue for council homes

Immigrants will be forced to pay to visit a GP and be banned from getting council houses for up to five years after they settle in Britain.

The moves, to be signalled by David Cameron this week, mark a new hardline stance on immigration aimed at reviving Tory fortunes.

The Prime Minister intends to introduce legislation on both issues in the next few months, despite the likelihood of strong opposition from Labour MPs.

The measures are to be rushed through to stop Bulgarians and Romanians being allowed free access to the UK next January.

A senior source said: ‘The PM wants the immigration system to back people who work hard and do the right thing. He is determined to bring an end to the situation where people can come to the UK and get benefits and public services without putting anything in.


  1. da sunt deacord cu unele reglementary in legislatie si in dreptul de a munci legal in aceasta tara dar nu mai amestecati totul in caeeasi oala ca omanii fac tot raul ca sunt si oameni care nu vor sa munceasca si vin doar de dragul de a fi in anglia este cu totul diferit
    eu de exemplu lucrez pe cleaning la o companie engleza si lucrez parime la diferite office-uri si sincer ma scol de la miezul noptii sa dau startul la primul job la ora 4 dimineata si sal termin la ora 8,30 si lucrez singurica pe toata cladirea si am destula responsabilitate pt ca eu deschid aceasta cladire la aceea ora si apoi termin acolo si ma duc la alt partime si tot asas toata ziua eu zic ca daca vrei sa muncesti se poate numai serios sa fii
    si sincer nu am cerut odata nici un ajutor de la nimeni mai ales de la statul britanik si am fost si eu bolnava si intepenita de spate si am muncit asa si am si o virst LA 48 DE ANI ALERG CA UNA TIINARA


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