Number of Romanians applying for jobs in UK doubles in one year

The shock increase comes after EU rules forced Britain to drop visa restrictions on job seekers from Romania and Bulgaria from January 1. The UK is now the top destination for Romanian job hunters.

Romania’s leading recruitment website had 42,562 applications for UK jobs from an estimated 23,000 people in the first three months of the year

In the same period last year there were only 18,369 applications put in by 11,708 jobseekers.

Germany, the second most popular destination, received less than half the number of CVs sent to the UK.

The figures appear to back fears of a mass influx of cheap labour in the country’s jobs market which could depress wages, take badly-needed work away from Britons and increase the strain on public services.

Ukip Euro MP Gerard Batten said: “It is clear the removal of transitional controls on Romanians and Bulgarians has caused this increase in jobseekers wanting to come here.

"These figures bear out worries that there is going to be a steady stream of people coming to the UK to work and claim benefits.

“This will continue to put pressure on the NHS, housing and other social services. We can’t blame the individuals but it is clearly not a sensible or controlled immigration policy to open the doors to anyone who wants to come here.”

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Number of Romanians applying for jobs in UK doubles in one ye


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