Pedepse aspre pentru banda de romani arestati pentru furturi la Cambridge. Vor fi deportati

Tribunalul din Cambridge unde au fost judecati romanii Geanina Dinu, Ion-nelutu Petre, Silviu Fuerea si Petre Condeescu.
New Scotland Yard

A gang that stole thousands of pounds worth of phones from revellers in Cambridge is facing deportation.

The Romanians living in Northampton took 16 mobiles, two cameras and a memory stick from victims in city centre nightspots during the night of March 23 and 24 this year, Cambridge Crown Court heard yesterday.

Sara Walker, prosecuting, said Geanina Dinu, Ion-nelutu Petre, Silviu Fuerea and Petre Condeescu had targeted victims at Revolution, Ballare and The Castle and The Regal pubs.

She said: “Obviously an extensive search of the city centre had been undertaken by the group of defendants.”

Ms Walker said a group had been spotted on CCTV leaving phone handsets in a car.

Dinu, of Lower Hester Street, and Petre, Fuerea and Condeescu, all of Merthyr Road, had previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy to steal from the person of another.

Nick Barnes, mitigating for Dinu, a 25-year-old mother-of-two, Fuerea, 28 and Petre, 30, said the three had entered prompt guilty pleas.

Azize Challiah, who represented Condeescu, 24, said the same about his client.

Judge Anthony Bate said: “The grim reality is that deterrent sentences are required for this kind of organised crime and a clear message goes out from this court that those who go to Cambridge and are caught will find themselves severely punished.”

Judge Bate sentenced Dinu and Condeescu to 16 months imprisonment, Fuerea to 14 months and Petre to 12. They are subject to automatic deportation and Judge Bate also recommended deportation to the Secretary of State. Each must pay a £100 surcharge.

Cambridge phone theft group faces deportation


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