Ponta in jail , NOW ! Romania PM calls graft probe ‘coup d’etat’

Romania’s Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Sunday called corruption allegations against him tantamount to a „coup d’etat” and again vowed he would not resign.

„The goal of these accusations is to prompt a change of government,” Ponta said, adding that a criminal case against him would bypass parliament making it „equivalent to a coup d’etat”.


The powerful DNA anti-corruption prosecutors announced Friday that they had launched a probe into the social democrat premier over suspected money laundering, tax evasion and conflict of interest.

Prosecutors are targeting his activities from 2007-2011 when he was working as a lawyer and a lawmaker.

Parliament would have to strip the premier of his immunity for the probe to proceed. DNA prosecutors said in a statement Friday they were filing a formal request with the legislature for an investigation.

Ponta, speaking after a meeting Sunday of the centre-left coalition he leads, denied the allegations against him.

„I will prove my innocence and I am working to improve the justice system in order to prevent it from committing further abuses,” said Ponta.


Romania PM calls graft probe ‘coup d’etat’ –


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