EXCLUSIVE: Romania launches ad campaign AGAINST Ukip after European election success


A Romanian newspaper has started a „Why don’t you come over here” campaign

ROMANIA has gone on the offensive following Ukip’s victory in the recent European elections, telling Nigel Farage and his supporters that their country’s membership of the European Union is GOOD for Britain.

The pro-Romania message is being spearheaded by national newspaper Gandul, which says it is time the truth about their country was made available to people in Britain.

In the run-up to the European election campaign, Mr Farage was branded ‘racist’ following comments in an interview with LBC Radio about Romanian immigrants.

The Ukip leader was questioned on his previous claim that he would feel uncomfortable if a group of Romanian men moved in next door to him.

When asked whether he would feel the same about a group of German children, Mr Farage replied: „I think you know the difference.

„We want an immigration policy that is not just based on controlling not just quantity but quality.”

EXCLUSIVE: Romania launches ad campaign against Ukip


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