Posh London street invaded by homeless Romanians

The site on Park lane where the group of 20 Romanians sleeps at night

A group of Romanians who defied attempts last year to prevent them sleeping rough in one of London’s wealthiest streets have returned to Park Lane, fuelling fears of criminality. VoR’s Tom Spender reports.

Imad Habib, the manager of Park Lane News, says the group’s number has now swelled to about 20 men and women of varying ages.

“They are back but nothing is being done to solve the problem. They are the same faces as we saw before the Olympics,” he said.

Every night they come at around 11pm and sleep until I open the shop at 5.30am, I have to wake them up and move them out of the way. By 7am I tell them they have to leave and they listen and leave but the problem is there are lots of cardboard boxes around, no shower, no wash, they urinate around the corner from here, so it’s really very bad.”

Police statistics show that almost one in three Romanians in the UK have been arrested in the past five years.

In a television interview this week, Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta said he was aware that Romanian citizens were involved in petty crime in the UK.

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Posh London street invaded by homeless Romanians


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