Romanian migrants should be banned from claiming benefits for two years

A series of radical proposals to tighten immigrations controls will be presented to David Cameron today, including stopping EU migrants claiming benefits in their first two years in Britain.

The left-wing think-tank Demos will also urge the Prime Minister to reserve more job for British workers, cap the number of foreign jobseekers, and exclude the poorest nations from the EU, according to The Times.

Demos will tell a Government review of Britain’s relationship with the European Union that Britain has seen “the biggest peacetime movement in European history”, with more than 1.5 million migrants coming since 2004.

Its Director David Goodhart writes that this influx has been a “bewildering development” for many in this country, with the negatives not fully appreciated, according to the newspaper.

According to Home Office research, the proportion of workers from Eastern Europe has increased by a factor of 10 over the last decade.

A further wave is expected when workers from Romania and Bulgaria become eligible to look for work in the UK from next January.

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EU migrants should be banned from claiming benefits for two years



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