Romanian people trafficker smuggled prostitutes into Britain by exploiting loophole that saw them brought to the country on £10,000-a-year STUDENT grant

Alex Mandache (circled top right), investigated over allegations he had taken girlfriend Mariana Lungu to the UK before forced her into prostitution. He is also alleged to have helped friend Andrei Ciacaru (circled bottom right) bring his prostitute girlfriend to Britain (pair are pictured with unnamed people not connected to case)
  • Alex Andrei Mandache, 32, was handed £10,250-a-year to study in UK
  • He was investigated in Romania over allegations he brought 24-year-old girlfriend Mariana Lungu to the UK and ‘forced her into prostitution’ 
  • Romanian prosecutors claimed that dozens of people known to local police as thugs, pimps and prostitutes had ended up becoming UK students

People traffickers brought women to Britain on £10,000-a-year student aid packages before forcing them into prostitution, a court heard.

Romanian authorities say they have uncovered a scam on British taxpayers, who unwittingly fund thugs and pimps to come here posing as students.

The pimps then use the same racket to bring in women who are coerced into becoming prostitutes.


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