Romanian thieves facing deportation after touring the north to steal from elderly

Petronche Fuliuta and Maria Borcoi distracted, confused and intimidated their victims :: Defendant ‘regrets coming to this country’, court told

Two Romanian thieves who targeted the elderly to steal money are in prison facing deportation today.

Petronche Fuliuta, aka Tulceaniu, and Maria Borcoi travelled the north from their Middlesbrough home pinching from shoppers.

They distracted, confused and intimidated victims to steal their money, wallets and cards, Teesside Crown Court heard.

After they were caught, they both said they wanted to return to their homeland – a wish likely to be granted by the Home Secretary.

Prosecutor Joseph Spencer described how they preyed upon shoppers, some of them elderly.

“They seem to be travelling to different locations in the country operating as a pair,” he said

“It’s theft from vulnerable victims involving intimidation or use of force falling short of robbery.”

The duo stood behind two victims watching them type in their PINs at supermarket checkouts, before coming up close to them outside.


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