Romanians Inout Caraman (22) and Adrian Iorgovean (27) stole up to £59 million from British banks

Three UK-based criminals have been handed heavy prison sentences for their part in a vast phishing campaign that police claim would have stolen up to £59 million ($89 million) from British banks alone had it not been disrupted before execution.

Initially the operation involving the Police Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU), SOCA Cyber and the US Secret Service monitored 2,600 phishing pages set up by the gang to pose as banks from 14 countries, including US, Russia, China, Australia, Canada and the UK.

On 29 October 2012, UK police tracked the gang, Nigerian Sunday Godday Etu (27), and Romanians Inout Caraman (22) and Adrian Iorgovean (27) to a London hotel where they arrested the threesome in the act of logging on to US and French-based servers used to collect data gathered from the first 30,000 online bank victims.

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Jailed phishing gang targeted banks in 14 countries, police say


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