Strippere românce plantasera o ferma de canabbis în apartamentul pe care îl inchiriau la Holloway

Holloway cannabis farm was being “rented by Romanian strippers” A landlord this week spoke of his shock after one of his homes – which two Romanian strippers were said to be renting – was turned into a cannabis farm.

Mr. Dagdas, brother of listed owner Mehmet, said the alarm was raised with the pair of landlords after neighbours heard constant drilling and fan noises throughout the day and night.

Mr Dagdas told how he was forced to break down the door of the home in Quemerford Road, Holloway, before being confronted with about 50 cannabis plants.

Police dispatched a seven-tonne lorry to sieze the farm last Wednesday, but no arrests have been made as nobody was inside the property. Officers are now calling for witnesses as the investigation continues.

Mr Dagdas said: “I went round there last Tuesday with community officers but they said they would have to get a warrant to search the property.

Holloway cannabis farm was being “rented by Romanian strippers”


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