Romanilor le palce’n Brent. Peste 23.000 de romani traiesc in Brent, Londra NW

Government data reveals immigrants’ most popular UK destinations (ROMANIANS — 22,940 in Brent, NW London)

Map of migration into the UK

The map is based on latest Department for Work and Pensions figures showing where 600,810 migrants applied for a National Insurance number to work or study.

Romaniana and Hungarian headed for neighbouring Brent.

They emerged after census details in December showed nearly one in seven people living in England and Wales in 2011 was born abroad.

London is the place most newcomers head to, with the east of the city the UK’s biggest hotspot.

The borough of Newham, home to the Olympics, is the most likely destination for Indians, Pakistanis and tens of thousands from Eastern Europe. Neighbouring Tower Hamlets is the first port of call for Spaniards, Italians and Germans.

The biggest single group of migrants to the UK came from Poland, with 79,140 settling here in 2011/12, followed by 47,270 Indians and 38,300 from Pakistan.


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