The Box – short film about the presidential elections in Romania in 2016

Hello everybody,

After the event from November the 2nd 2014 ( the first tour of presidential elections in Romania) we, the team from Cloud9film wanted to support the Romanians Diaspora  that couldn’t express their constitutional right to vote in many important cities from all over the world : Paris, Londra, Munchen, Torino, dcc .In order to avoid any political “parti-pris” we decided to make a short film-fiction.  The idea came from a quote “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it” – Mark Twain.  So, we created a powerful story that could tell everything about these events and which could mean something not only for us, Romanian people, but also for each person that ever felt their rights were being violated. One way or another we all wake up, sooner or later, blocked inside 4 “walls”, fighting to get out our entire life. Some of us succeed, some don’t.

On the 2nd and 16th November 2016, in the first and second tour of the presidential elections in Romania, the Romanian Diaspora were not able to take advantage of their legal right to vote, mostly due to an unfortunate way of organisation from behalf of the Romanian authorities. We saw endless lines formed of people who really wanted to express their choice, but they were not able to do it! There were people who stayed in line all day long and the only thing they gained was a big frustration. Their legal right and their opinion didn’t matter. The Romanian Diaspora sends home annually about 4 million euro. In those two days  – so important for their future, for the future of their families and their country they‘ve been humiliated as for many of them the doors closed in their faces.


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