Trei romani îsi spun parerea în The Guardian : Immigration – what do the Romanians think?

Three Romanians already living and working in the UK give their opinions on the lifting of migration restrictions.

  1. Leonard Bacica, 32, Freelance theatrical lighting designer, London
  2. Cristina Coceban, 22, Accountancy student, Northampton
  3. Samuil Marusca, 29 , Teaching assistant, London

It probably sounds silly, but the reason I came to Britain has a lot to do with the Premier League – I’m a huge follower of Manchester United. I also studied Wittgenstein at university and he stayed in Cambridge for most of his professional life. I think I have a cultural affinity with the UK.

It wasn’t at all hard to find work, and within a month I had found a job in a coffee shop in north London. Unfortunately, although they had promised to sort out the paperwork, a year later they had a phonecall from the Home Office and fired a couple of Romanians and Bulgarians.

I wasn’t entirely aware of the work restrictions when I came. My idea was that if I hadn’t found a job I would work as a freelance, which is what I am doing now. It took me two months to get my first commission, but I’ve been working fairly continuously since.

Immigration: what do the Romanians think?


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