Cheeky Romanians stick it to the Brits


"We speak better English than anywhere you’ve been in France."

"Our draft beer is less expensive than your bottled water."

"Your weekly rent covers a whole month here. Pub nights included."

These ads are part of a cheeky and clever campaign run by a Romanian newspaper in response to news of a British government anti-immigration campaign titled "You Won’t Like It Here".

The daily Romanian newspaper, Gândul, won a Gold Award in September at AdStars, one of Asia’s biggest advertising awards festivals, for the campaign titled, "We May Not Like Britain, But You’ll Love Romania".

The newspaper created a website called "Why Don’t You Come Over?" persuading British to migrate to Romania and enticing them with job opportunities. One section of the website addresses "fellow Romanians" and encourages them to post job offers and "give the Brits a helping hand".

"We want you to see for yourselves what Romania is about" and "the more, the merrier" are some of the messages being promoted on the website.

The original British campaign was sparked after news emerged that restrictions for Romanians and Bulgarians coming to Britain were to be lifted at the end of 2013. They will be granted the same rights to work in Britain as other EU citizens.

The British campaign was to have focused on its biggest deterrent to discourage immigrants from going there

They came up with … the weather.

For those that didn’t yet know, it’s cold and rainy in Britain.On a more serious note, the government considered advertising the limited employment opportunities there.

Cheeky Romanians stick it to the Brits


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