Video: Romanian ‘Bublé’ serenades Belfast women with a sprinkle of Christmas joy

Belfast shoppers will have no problems getting into the festive spirit as one man has taken
Everyone walking through the Corn Market area on Monday afternoon was treated to a medley of merry music, with songs including Let it Snow and Jingle Bells.

The sensational singer was a 45-year-old Romanian man called Carlos Aflat.

Mr Aflat said he loves to sing in the city centre as it attracts ‘the ladies’.

„It’s so exciting”, he says with a face brimming with happiness.

„People are so exciting. I love Belfast, I always did. I enjoy here because of so many beautiful ladies – they smile to me, they’re so kind to me and they put some money.

„Money is not my priority but I will say, I need more than money, I need their smiles and they smiled to me. I got everything I wanted. They smile to me, I’m so excited.”


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