Daily Mail: Romanian family who had been in Britain for just one month followed grandmother, 75, from bank to steal £1,250 from her


A criminal romanian family had been in Britain for just a month before robbing a 75-year-old woman of £1,250 in cash intended for her grandson’s birthday present.

Three East European family members staked out Lloyds TSB bank in Cardiff city centre to target the frail grandmother in broad daylight, then followed her home to steal her savings..

Grandmother Rachelle Harris took out £1,250 in cash from her bank to buy a guitar for her grandson’s birthday – but was attacked by the three criminals as she got on the bus home.


Romanian-born Gabriel Stefanescu (left), 38, his wife Florentina Baeram (centre), 44, and his sister-in-law Violeta Stefanescu (right), 28, were caught on camera stalking and robbing grandmother Rachelle Harris, 75, after she withdrew £1,250 to buy a guitar for her grandson. The criminal trio had only been in Britain for a month when they carried out the ‘shameful’ crime.


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