Si totusi propaganda antiromaneasca functioneaza: I fear the influx of Romanians in Bristol

I fear the influx of Romanians

RECENTLY I saw a photograph and read the accompanying article about a bunch of Romanian travellers that set up camp in Park Lane, near Marble Arch.

According to an eye witness, two of these Romanian women decided to pull up their skirts, squat down and go to the toilet.

One of the men was urinating in the underpass.

A visitor on holiday from the USA stated: "I’m from New York and the police there would lock these people up."

This visitor also stated that these Romanians were begging and very intimidating.

If this is a sample of the Romanians who will descend on the UK in their thousands in 2014, imagine what our towns and cities will look like when these people set down their roots.

Ivor Pearce



  1. do you think that all the romanian are like that?….you just simply cant make the difference between romanian gipsy and romanians it is something totaly wrong.A lot of romanian are here and they are working much more harder than you can imagine so stop making these confusions.thank you

  2. De ce politia nu face nimic ca sa opereasca oamenii astia???? Cum poate sa permita asa ceva?
    Oamenii care au venit la munca si muncesc pana cad pe brinci trebuiesc respectati,ajutati …. cei care au venit sa piarda timpul si sa faca ravagii, aplicate legi foarte severe sa le piara pofta si asta indiferent de nationalitate. Sunt foarte multi oanemi in Londra si cred ca un control sever si legi bine gandite ne-at ajuta pe toti sa traim intr-o lume mai buna.


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