The Daily Mail: Romanians express anger over death of police officer. OPREA MUST GO !

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Hundreds of people protested in the Romanian capital on Sunday and the president demanded that top officials address public anger over the on-duty death of a police motorcyclist.

The Interior Ministry said Sunday that, pending an investigation, it would not comment on the death of policeman Bogdan Gigina, who died after driving his motorbike into a hole on Oct. 20. Gigina was in a motorcade easing a route in Bucharest for Interior Minister Gabriel Oprea.

President Klaus Iohannis called on Prime Minister Victor Ponta and Oprea to address the situation.

Those at Sunday’s demonstration in Bucharest called for Oprea’s resignation. Many Romanians think that government ministers abuse their positions by overusing motorcades, which often block traffic in the busy capital.


Some 300 motorcyclists drove through Bucharest late Saturday in solidarity with Gigina’s family, and hundreds of others have protested his death on social media.

Ponta criticized opposition politicians and journalists on Saturday, saying they were using a tragedy for political gain.


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