Unul din trei homeless din Londra sint est europeni. Majoritatea vin din Romania

Crestera numarului de imigranti romani va duce la cresterea infractionalitatii la Londra.

One in three were Eastern Europeans, with the largest proportion from Romania. One in three rough sleepers in London from East Europe

A surge in Romanian rough sleepers led to a mini-crimewave in central London
NEARLY half of those sleeping rough in London are migrants, figures showed yesterday.

Critics warn the problem could spread to other towns and cities.

The data from Westminster Council follows complaints of a surge of Romanian immigrants since last summer, leading to makeshift camps, begging, prostitution and a mini-crime wave.

The council wants more Government cash to deal with the problem.

Thirty per cent of the 587 sleeping rough in central London in January and February were East European.

Romanians made up 10 per cent of the total. Seven per cent were Poles and four per cent Lithuanians.

Westminster Council chiefs have warned that a rise in Romanian migrants in central London would be the “tip of the iceberg” for Britain once border restrictions are relaxed from January 1 next year.

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One in three rough sleepers in London from East Europe


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