Number of Romanians and Bulgarians registered to work and claim benefits soars

BRITAIN’S “open door” immigration policy has seen seven times as many migrants from Europe’s poorest countries register for work here, new figures show.


Official statistics show 187,370 Romanians and Bulgarians were given National Insurance numbers in 2014, up from 27,700 the previous year.

It represents a 576 per cent increase in the numbers registered to work or receive state benefits since immigration rules were relaxed.

Data from the Department for Work and Pensions shows Romanians and Bulgarians now make up 25 per cent of all new NI numbers allocated to foreigners.

But the rising tide of eastern Europeans registering for work could make it harder for British people to find jobs, it was claimed last night.

Critics said Britain was full-up and fed-up – and had to act to stop the “inexorable rise in east European economic immigration”.

Ukip MEP Steven Woolfe said: “These figures are the result of the politically driven migration policies of the Labour and Conservative parties who are determined follow a European integrationist agenda at all costs.


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