Romanians facing eviction from ‘fortress’ camp set up under the North Circular

A group of Romanian migrants who have set up a „fortress” camp underneath a flyover on the North Circular are facing eviction.

The camp is accessible only by a handmade wooden step ladder in between two carriageways on the road and is also blocked off by a river.


It is home to up to 20 migrants who are believed to have arrived at the site earlier this year after being moved on from another site.

One man living at the camp said people there can only sleep for around three to four hours thanks to the noise from the road in north-east London.

„If we want to go and live in the woods they’ll chase us away from that place,” he told the BBC.

„This is the only place we can live in.”

Another said: „The problem is if we wanted to get a proper rented place, we’d pay around £50 a week but you can’t find a job all the time and you get stressed that you can’t pay the rent.”

The homelessness charity Thames Reach revealed it is now working with Enfield Council and the Home Office to remove the migrants.



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