First Romanian to arrive in Britain after border laws were relaxed complains his new home is too expensive and he can’t afford to go back

  • Victor Spirescu arrived on New Year’s Day after border controls relaxed
  • Said he came to work, send money home to wife, then go back to Romania
  • Now he has complained that he pays too much on tax, rent and transport
  • Says he has been unable to save any money for his wife during his stay
  • Said UK needs workers because English men are all at home on benefits

One of the first Romanian immigrants to arrive in the UK after border controls were relaxed in January has complained that this country is too expensive.

Victor Spirescu became a minor celebrity earlier this year after being pictured with politicians after climbing off a plane at Luton airport.

At the time he said he came to London to send money back to his wife in Romania so he could start his own business, but now says he cannot make savings because the capital is too expensive.



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