Number of jobless Romanians and Bulgarians in Britain soars

THE number of jobless Romanians and Bulgarians has soared 15-fold in Britain in just eight years, it emerged yesterday.


Home affairs chairman Keith Vaz calls for more scrutiny when dealing with jobless migrants

A total of 46,000 working age migrants are out of work compared with just 3,000 in 2006 – the year before the countries became a part of the European Union.Newly released figures show one in five migrants available for work from both European nations is unemployed.

But their 80 per cent employment rate is still higher than that of British workers, which stands at just 72 per cent.

More than 250,000 people from the two countries are now based in the UK and are coming to British shores at a rate of close to 50,000 a year.

The figure is an increase of around six-fold in eight years according to findings from Oxford University’s Migration Observatory.


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