Moment ‘polite and charming’ Eastern European scammers stole £300 from woman at a cashpoint by pretending she had dropped £5 on the floor

It was a hefty withdrawal, so Wendy Cleasby thought taking her cash out inside the bank was the safest option.

But that’s exactly where a pair of conmen were waiting to pounce.

Just inside the high street branch, the two Romanians who pointed out that she had just dropped £5 were actually tricking her into turning away… so they could steal her money from a cashpoint machine.

Footage shows Mrs Cleasby, 53, bending down to pick up the note – put there by scammers Floran Constantin Serban, 28, and Constantin Radu Serban, 22 – while they take the £300 she had just withdrawn from  the ATM.

The pair have now been jailed for 16 weeks by Teesside magistrates after admitting the theft – and ordered to pay back the money between them.

Mrs Cleasby said she was withdrawing the cash in a Santander bank in Middlesbrough when she was approached by the ‘charming and polite’ men.

She said: ‘It was a perfectly timed con.

‘They knew what they were doing and must have rehearsed it hundreds of times.
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Romanian scammers stole £300 from woman at Santander ban


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